Fabrication Technology/Automation

Once a project is awarded to The Arthur Louis Steel Company the fabrication process begins with the assignment of each project to our Detailing/Engineering Department. Our detailers use one of the following programs to generate the detailed fabrication and erection drawings for our projects:
  • RAM structural
  • SDS/2
Following the receipt of files from detailing personnel they are imported into our steel fabrication management software FabSuite. After importing the files into FabSuite we are able to manage all aspects of each individual project such as:
  • Submit drawings for customer approval
  • Multing and nesting materials for procurement purposes
  • Generate work orders for distribution to the shop floor to begin production
  • Generate and manage all purchase orders related to each project
  • Manage and document all drawing revisions
  • Manage and document any project related change orders
  • View real-time production status (along with overall project completion benchmarks)
  • Complete project management activities such as scheduling
  • Record all QA/QC transactions for main and accessory steel members
After each project has been through the work order generation process the next step is to link it with our bar coding steel tracking software from P2 Programs STS (Steel Tracking System). Once the information has been linked to STS we have the capability to monitor every part fabricated through the various stages of the fabrication process. This is completed using mobile hand held PC’s that scan barcode tags as members travel throughout our facilities. Some of the tasks performed and electronically documented are as follows:
  • Receive/Reject inbound raw materials
  • Approve/Reject initial fit of main member assemblies
  • Approve/Reject weld process
  • Approve/Reject final QA inspection
  • Load trucks to coating contractors
  • Receive material back from coating processes
  • Create bundle lists for small parts being shipped on skids
  • Load trucks to jobsite
Through the use of state of the art detailing and modeling software CNC part files are created. When detailing is completed those files are exported and converted into individual programs or machine nests that are downloaded directly to our CNC automated fabrication equipment:
  • Controlled Automation CNC DRL-336 Three (3) Spindle Drill Line with 44" Capacity HEM Saw in Tandem (drill up to 1.3125” round hole in W36 wide flange beams)
  • Controlled Automation 2AT-175 CNC plate duplicator with 175 ton punch capacity (punch up to 2.75” round holes in 1.5” thick hot rolled plate)
  • Accurpress 400 ton CNC Controlled Hydraulic Press Brake (form .375” thick plate x 12’ long)
  • Controlled Automation ABL86 CNC Angle and Flat Bar Line (punch up to 1.315” round hole in 6 x 6 x .625” thick hot rolled angle or flat bar)
  • C.A. CNC Dual Gantry Plasma Table 12’x 80’ capacity with Hypertherm 260XD and 400XD power supplies (production cut up to 2” thick plate on dual gantry 12’ x 80’ long water table)

Utilizing state of the art technology and automation allows The Arthur Louis Steel Company to reduce cycle time and compress project schedules. Work order generation, drawing control and production floor CNC equipment programming that previously took several days to complete when performed manually can now be completed in a matter of hours while eliminating errors associated with manual data entry. The Arthur Louis Steel Company is extremely proactive when investigating and implementing new software and investing in new equipment. Our philosophy is to embrace the latest available technology in order for us to improve quality, project cycle times as well as to reduce internal costs. This philosophy has permitted us to improve our competitiveness in the global marketplace and become the supplier of choice for our customers.

FabSuite Steel Project Management Software Screenshot

RAM Engineering/Design Software Model Screenshot

P2 Programs Bar Code Tag
SDS Steel Detailing Software Model Screenshot




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